Stop paying for 300+ channels when you only watch 12

Subscribe to the channels you watch, not the big numbers

You probably have access to over 300 cable channels, and your cable bill probably costs you over $100 per month. Over 300 channels, wow, that's impressive. How many of them do you actually watch? Five channels, maybe ten? Most people watch very few of the cable channels they have. But when someone asks them or they have company over, they can say they have over 300 channels to choose from. What are they? Most people have no idea. So why pay for them?

I recently discovered I was stuck in that same situation. A few years ago I subscribed to what I thought was a pretty awesome cable package. It gave me tons of channels and a few other perks, and I had three TVs set up with access to these channels. For each TV, I had to pay more just to have a cable box connected to it, which is typical with most cable providers. The same goes for adding HD or DVR service. I thought there must be a better way, so I started researching my options. Then I found a better way.