DIY very versatile security system without the inflated monthly fees

Looking for a top-notch security system that has the flexibility of using different types of sensors, wired or wireless, automation rules, integration with a home automation system, and more? Well look no further than the Elk M1Gold. This is a great DIY security system without the expensive monthly fees that you would pay with some of the more popular monitored security systems. But don't worry, if you don't want to go without the monitoring, you can still have this system monitored three services that will allow you to pay much smaller monthly fee to monitor your DIY security system.

Elk has many sensors available, including their own brand of sensors. While the Elk brand sensors are fairly pricey, especially for wireless sensors, it's pretty easy to find other less expensive sensors that are compatible with this system. In some cases that means purchasing a module that works with Elk, which can still be fairly pricey. But once you've purchased the module, you'll save a bundle on all of the sensors which are then much less expensive. I would recommend going this route for any home with more than three or four monitoring points. The more sensors you add this way, the more you'll watch your savings add up.
Elk also has several types of keypads available. There's the more basic, traditional style keypads, which have a two-line LCD display and backlit buttons can you press to operate the keypad. They also make hey touch screen keypad which is fairly small, but very functional. You can even get a smaller keypad that will mount in a single gang electrical box. This can be a convenient option near a back door, outside garage door (the kind of door with a door handle, not your large garage door that you drive your car through), or another entrance used less often.
If you're worried about your system going down in power outages, Elk has several different sizes of backup batteries to choose from. If none of them last as long as you'd like, you can get one of the larger batteries, then also plug your system into a UPS to keep it powered for even longer in the event of a power outage. There are plenty of options in the system. It just depends on what you prefer, how many doors and windows you'd like to secure, how many areas you would like to protect with motion, glass break sensors, etc, and of course...your budget for your security system. If you take into account where you'll save by not having to pay traditional monthly security monitoring fees, you probably can't go wrong with an Elk M1Gold security system.